• How do you go from being an employment lawyer to being a shoe manufacturer?

    I was recently at a luncheon for women CEOs and one of the other CEOs asked me a question, which made me think maybe others have the same question.  And when she was so interested in my answer, I knew it was a topic I could share with everyone here.
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  • How do you #playhard?

    We love checking out pictures of people doing their favorite things and if you can get a shot of yourself toting your Pakems while you Play Hard, we’d love to see it.
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  • How do you #relaxhappy?

    Julie kicked off the idea for Pakems, relaxing after a day of play on the slopes, with a beer in hand and great friends all around.  This is the whole idea of Pakems, relaxing happy after a day on of hard play.
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  • It’s a new day!

    It may be a little cliché but today really is a new day for Pakems.  Today, we launch our NEW website AND we launch our NEW product line, The Pakems Extreme, AND we launch our NEW Pakems Cortina boot AND we get our NEW kid’s line of shoes. 
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