Our Team

Julie Adams

Former employment lawyer turned mom-preneur, Julie is our fearless leader, founder and ultimate Cruise Director.  Julie’s passion for Pakems is unprecedented and truly motivating.

When not working tirelessly on Pakems, Julie loves to watch her son play soccer. Julie is an avid tennis player and outdoor enthusiast. If Julie spots you wearing Pakems, you’re sure to get a big hug and thank you for supporting her passion.

Nick Thompson

Nick is our in-house financial guru and footwear aficionado. His 15-years of experience in the financial world and love of numbers has made him a very valuable asset to the team.

When Nick isn’t spending time with his wife and two adorable girls, he is shredding runs at Beaver Creek. Nick is also an avid hiker, mountain biker and tailgater.

Nancy Alterman

Nancy is our “Chief Match Maker” and absolute genius at her job.  Nancy’s uncanny ability to meet the right person at the perfect time is magical. She is our angel. When she meets you, because she will, she won’t be hard to spot because she’ll be wearing Pakems and have marketing material in hand.

Her brilliance only continues in her efforts as a humanitarian and mental health advocate.  When Nancy isn’t ripping runs from top to bottom or playing tennis, you can typically find her at a fundraiser or pulling the right people together to help the causes near and dear to her heart.

Rick Caudill

Rick has over 16-years of experience working in various aspects of corporate America. From operations to product management, and from Human Resources to sales, Rick’s broad experience is invaluable to the growth of Pakems.

Spending most of his childhood growing up in nature, Rick loves being outdoors. When he’s not working, you can find Rick playing hard battling ad-ins and ad-outs on the tennis court or schussing down Vail’s Game Creek bowl.

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